Compare mobile operators in Sweden

Mobile operators in Sweden

No matter where you choose to move, you’ll always need reliable mobile connectivity for your daily needs. Now, if you are moving to Sweden, you need to have a basic knowledge of the local mobile operators and their services. Although you can use your current mobile operator in the roaming facility, it may drastically shoot-up your overall expenses. Hence, it would be great if you get a connection with the local mobile operators Sweden.

It can be difficult to understand the different contracts of you don’t speak Swedish. We have selected the best mobile operators in Sweden for you with the use of the following criteria:

Internet service provider in Sweden
      English speaking customer service
      Best Data volume/ price
      4G Connection
      Flexible contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Free SIM card
      Reliable network


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best mobile operator
cbb operator


Hallon offers the best mobile internet in Sweden. The company offers fast mobile broadband at a great price. This can come in handy if you are often on the road or at your holiday home. Great speed at an affordable price.

      Like other mobile operators, it’s free from notice periods and varied prices.
      All mobile subscriptions include free calls and SMS features.
      Network connectivity covers 99% of Sweden’s population.
      You can switch carriers as you like, with no notice period.
      Reliable customer support services.
vimla operator


Vimla owns large reliable network – 4G network everywhere in Sweden – Monthly terminable SIM Only – Free SIM card and a convenient App

      It offers 4G,3G, and 2G network connectivity in almost all corners of the country.
      You can easily change surf settings directly from the app.
      You can always change mobile operators with no contracts.
      ✘  No English website. So, expat might find it hard to understand the content of the website.
      ✘  Only offer limited payment methods.
Telnor operator


Telenor is one of the largest telecom companies in Sweden. The company offers fast mobile broadband at a great price. It is possible to get great discounts if you order a mobile subscription together with a wifi broadband connection

      No binding period on a new subscription.
      It includes no extra charge on the surfing.
      Unlimited access to video streaming and music at SEK 569/month.
      Free SMS, calls, and MMS.
      ✘  Inefficient in rural areas.
      ✘  It doesn’t provide 3G services
OK operator

Rating is a widely used Swedish mobile operator. They offer 3 packages. Like most mobile operators in Sweden they offer mobile subscriptions for within Sweden and mobile subscriptions for within the European Union.

      Stream music without exempting your surfing volume.
      With WiFi calls, you can talk where no coverage reaches.
      Allows you to send surf to your friend, family, or any 3 (Tre)customers.
      ✘  No English website.
      ✘  Only offer limited payment methods.

Different mobile contracts in Sweden

You can’t rely on free WiFi on airports, restaurants, and other public places. You will have to invest in mobile phone contracts in Sweden. One of the essential features to look for in a mobile operator is selecting a type of subscription that fits your requirements.

At this point, you might be finding it hard to figure out different subscriptions plan available in the country. So, here are some of the typical mobile plans to choose from in Sweden.

If you are moving to the country for a short time, contract plans wouldn’t be the best option to entertain. You can get the best deals with some of the known brands of mobile phones that include low calling rates, among other deals. Make sure you read all the terms & conditions, monthly costs, allowance, and connection fees.

Instead of using your current mobile operator that may charge you heavily on phone bills in roaming, you can use a prepaid plan. It offers the maximum flexibility and serves as the best option if your stay is short in Sweden.

Bundled Plan
Bundled mobile plan in Sweden offers attractive introductory prices. Although you might get one consistent bill, some service providers might require a commitment of significant time before you avail any special offers.

Moreover, if you had to leave early, you may also get charged for early termination of a bundled package. Hence, it’s not the best choice if you are for a short period of stay in the country.

SIM Only
If you are looking for mobile phone contracts in Sweden, SIM only offers the most flexible services among any other subscription plans. If you are planning to stay for an extended time, you can save a lot on your phone bills by opting for SIM-only in Sweden.