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Credit cards in Sweden explained

When someone moves to Sweden, the first thing they will require is getting a credit card. Using a credit card in Sweden is predominantly popular. There are two types of credit cards that one can get in Sweden. The first one is the basic credit card Sweden and the second one is prepaid credit cards. The basic credit Sweden will be linked with the checking account while the prepaid one wouldn’t get linked with the account.

Getting a credit card in Sweden is not a challenging task because many companies and banks are available there that can provide credit cards easily. Master cards and visa cards are the most common cards that are used there.

We have selected some of the best credit card providers in Sweden for you with the use of the following criteria:

Banking in Sweden
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Fair credit rate
      Low withdrawal fees
      English speaking customer service
      Free creditcard
      English speaking customers service
      Flexible contracts


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best credit cards suppliers
Norwegenai swedish bank


Bank norwegian is a Norwegian bank with an excellent reputation in Scandinavia. They offer both credit cards and debit cards. They offer VISA cards at good rates. This is widely accepted in Sweden

komplett bank


Komplett Bank ASA is a Norwegian bank that offers loan services, credit cards and savings accounts for private customers via the internet. They cater to a large audience trough the whole of Scandinavia

kortio bank logo


Kortio SE is a wellknown creditcard provider in Sweden which offers great rates and round the clock customer service. They offer a wide range of different card types (travel, business, prepaid etc.)

remember logo


Re:member is a financial institution that specializes in credit card and loans. They offer low withdrawal costs and no hidden fees.


Which is the perfect credit card for one to choose?

Before deciding on the particular credit card company, one should first understand the needs for which he or she is going to take a credit card. Taking a basic credit card has quite a lengthy paperwork process. But if one chooses the prepaid credit card, it is very easy to get. The paperwork of the prepaid credit card doesn’t take much time. But the fees of the prepaid credit card Sweden are a little high. One who has a bank account in Sweden can get many advantages by using credit cards in Sweden. Below is the list of benefits provided when someone uses credit cards in Sweden.

Benefits of using credit cards in Sweden

1. Helps to improve the UC credit score: The people who use a credit card in Sweden can increase their UC credit score with the help of credit cards. The more they use the credit cards while paying the bills on their purchasing time, the more the UC credit score will start to increase. Those who are new to Sweden can use this trick to improve their UC score very fast. You can improve your credit score by using credit cards.

2. Making use of technology: All over the globe, Sweden is the only country that is regarded as the most cashless society on this planet. The citizens of Sweden do not use hard currencies; they mostly pay through credit and debit cards. In Sweden, the citizens are making great use of technology. They just open their bank accounts so that they can get their credit and debit cards. And once they have those cards, they always use them for doing most of the transactions.

3. Protection against credit cards frauds:There are various types of protection available for all credit card users in Sweden. If the credit card gets lost or robbed by someone, then the credit card owner can directly call on the helpline number provided to them via a credit card company. Once they call the company immediately blocks all the transactions from that card so that there wouldn’t be any loss of the company as well as the owner of the credit card. They also provide a good security protection to all their users.

4. Earn many rewards and cashback: The credit cards users also get exciting offers on many festivals and online sales on various online shopping websites. And many times, they get exciting cashback on their purchases. In addition, many coupon codes are also provided to credit card Sweden users.

As their so many great advantages of using a credit card in Sweden, now let’s see the most used credit cards by the citizens of Sweden down below is the list of the best credit card Sweden.

In short

If you are living in Sweden or moving to Sweden, you should at least have a credit card to purchase things for their daily needs. Many credit card companies can easily provide a sound credit card to new people. Sweden is the country where mainly all the transactions are done online. At every place, hard cash is used, so it would be a better decision to take a credit card before going to Sweden.

Now choosing the perfect credit card for yourself will get easier with the right information available for you to read through. Make sure you evaluate all the options, and choose the right card for your needs and requirements. Get ready to enjoy your stay in Sweden while making financial transactions as seamless as possible.

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