Internet in Sweden

Internet providers in Sweden

Moving to this Scandinavian nation is your best decision. Sweden, the home to thousands of coastal islands, mountains, Swedish archipelago, mouthwatering cuisines, the best education, provides you with everything necessary for leading a relaxed life. Getting an internet connection in the technologically advanced and most connected country in the world is not difficult. But as you are new in the country, you need to find the best of all because there are numerous internet providers Sweden that provides fast and reliable internet connection.

It can be difficult to understand the different contracts of you don’t speak Swedish. We have selected the best internet providers in Sweden for you with the use of the following criteria:

Internet service provider Sweden
      Customer service quality
      Flexible and transparent contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Fast and stable network
      Low price / speed
      English websites
      Different connection options


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best internet provider
tlnor swedish internet provider


Telenor is one of the largest telecom companies in Sweden. The company offers fast internet at a great price. It is possible to get great discounts if you order a mobile subscription together with a wifi broadband connection.

      Good package discounts when you get mobile as well as broadband
      Fast and secure internet via fibre
      Switch to a new mobile after 12 months without any extra cost
      Best customer service
      ✘  Binding period for older subscriptions
Telnore operator


Ownit is a new player disrupting the telecom market in Sweden. They offer flexible contracts which are monthly terminable.

      Fast, stable, and reliable internet service
      Broadband starts from SEK 99/month valid for 3 months
      Fixed IP address via DHCP in Ownit networks
      Dynamic IP address on open or external networks
      ✘  Some users have raised issue about the unavailability of customer service
      ✘  Sometimes users need to restart router to get consistent data speed
tree internet

Rating is an internet provider for the high end segment with high speed internet and great coverage throughout Sweden. They also make it easy to upgrade your package when desired.

      Fast broadband on mobile network
      Wi-Fi for the whole family
      ✘  You can use the internet connection in Sweden and EU/EES, but 3Bredband Home pack with unlimited surfing is only valid in Sweden
      ✘  No maximum speed set for subscription
      ✘  If more than 40GB data is consumed within a day, speed gets limited to 5Mbit/s
hollan swedish operator


Hallon offers the best mobile internet in Sweden. This can come in handy if you are often on the road or at your holiday home. Great speed at an affordable price.

      No binding time or notice period required if you want to switch subscription
      Save unused data up to 100GB
      Surf 3G, 4G, super-fast 4G +, and VoLTE data at full speed
      Different plans for the users who only read emails and for the ones who often stream movies or music
      Easy to start and gives a lot of surfing at an affordable price

Internet connections in Sweden

The urban areas of Sweden are benefitted from the fastest Broadband speed in Sweden. Most of the service providers offer you a download speed of up to 1000Mbps. Swedish internet providers offer internet through various types. Get the best internet connection in Sweden after comparing the services of different providers that provide internet through:

  • ADSL/VDSL: DSL provides reliable internet connectivity with moderate speed and is also affordable. ADSL and VDSL are the two types of DSL with the appropriate speed for file sharing, cloud backups, and web browsing.
  • Fibre: For solid reliability and stunning speeds, people prefer fiber optic internet. Your internet service provider will provide you with a router or modem to create a connection between an internet device and the office or your home. It is the most preferred type of connection for heavy file sharing, web browsing, and also for online backups.
  • Cable Internet: This type of connection connects your device with a cable modem through a Wi-Fi router or ethernet cables. It provides moderate-speed for web browsing, online backups, and file sharing. You can enjoy fast downloading and moderate uploading speed with cable internet.

These are common types of internet connectivity in Sweden. When you compare the internet connections of different operators, you can come across various other types.

Documents required to get internet connectivity are:

  • Resident permit
  • European passport
  • Proof of address
  • Personnummer that is obtained from Tax Agency